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4 Reasons to Buy Car from New Car Dealer

In addition to house, car is the next most expensive purchase you’ll make. Almost every year, 15 million unused, pristine trucks, SUVs and sedans being sold in the US whether you believe it or not. Rather than going for used models, it is actually better that you shop for new car and you are going to learn about it in the next lines.

Reason number 1. Warranty – automobiles are notorious for being expensive and along with this is the fact that buyers have to pay for insurance and gas. Paying for a major problem in your car can be put a dent in your wallet. With new car dealers on the other hand, they offer warranties of all their new offerings which ensure that buyers won’t face a large amount of bill from the car mechanic. While warranties will vary from dealer to dealer, almost all coverage offered have specific number of miles or certain number of years.

Reason number 2. New innovations – almost every quarter or few months, there are new offers imported from Asia as well as Europe. And in order to stay relevant of the competition, manufacturers invest time and money to upgrade their offers. For this reason, the latest models usually come out with enhanced gas mileage together with increased power.

The cars being offered by new car dealerships also have the latest innovation in terms of safety equipment like backup cameras, adaptive cruise control, emergency assisted braking and so on. So if you are going to compare new models and used cars, the latter will definitely fall behind.

Reason number 3. Longer ownership – you can often drive your new car for the next 6 years after you drive it out of the dealer’s lot. On the other hand, used cars could only be driven for four years. Despite the fact that new car models would cost you more than buying secondhand units, they can be driven 50 percent longer than used cars. This basically increases the length of ownership meaning, drivers are able to get better ROI.

Reason number 4. Buy the car you exactly want – just as what we have said earlier, for most of us, buying a car is the second biggest decision we’ll ever make. It’s additionally something that we use on a day to day basis like picking up kids from school, going to grocery or malls, camping or going to work. With this in mind, it is just normal that we buy the one that we want exactly.

Meaning, you should get the specific model, make, transmission, color and engine that will best fit your lifestyle, which is something you can get when you purchase cars from new car dealerships.

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