Get to Know the Chief Brand Curator of Brown Jordan

Brown Jordan is a luxury outdoor furniture and it is really lucky to have hired Steve Elton. Elton has been the company’s chief brand curator and he really dedicated so many years in this business in which his passion lies. For thirty weekends per year, he would actually dedicate his time in travel to one of the company’s luxurious showrooms to be able to meet with clients, staff and customers and share his knowledge on design and in order to sell the merchandise.

It was in the year 1990 that Brown Jordan hired Elton as a sales representative but it wasn’t the job he wanted to have. He wanted to be into the creative side of things. In his 20s, he actually attended a design school and had a class on branding. For him, the Brown Jordan ads were such an inspiration everytime they see them. Then, he had it as a mission to work for the said company.

He grew up in New Jersey and spent a lot of his time in playing sports. He was actually a good athlete and he loved basketball, but he always had a great interest for design. He loved fabrics and he would often rearrange their home’s furniture. He wasn’t quite artistic but even at a young age, his teachers get his opinion on how to beautify the classroom.

While having a job as a salesperson in an exclusive furniture, he supported his family. Then he became very interested with Brown Jordan and wooed the company for eight years. He sent out letters to the company’s head to ask for a job and then in an unexpected moment, the president appeared and was offered a job at Brown Jordan.

After so many years, Elton actually built a really strong reputation for knowing the company inside and out and became in-charge of overseeing the media. One turning point of his career was when he worked under Frinier. For two decades, Frinier has been the chief creative officer of Brown Jordan and he worked with Steve Elton on selection of the fabrics to be used for the furniture. Elton was then given the task to handle fabric selections and he visited many places to study fabrics and also fashion.

Then when Frinier left the said company, Elton became the chief branding officer and he really loves to tell over and over again how the company’s iconic piece was given a major award. Elton has been with the company for 28 years. He was actually honored with the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award because of his excellent contributions.

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